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Tips for Buying Natural Cleaning Supplies

Many households know that they need to be using natural cleaning products. However, not everything in the stores is created equally. Many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals which are corrosive. These products may clean well, but they certainly do not do much to safeguard the health of your family. The toxic chemicals may also leave unpleasant residues, which are harmful to food surfaces, and later cause indoor air pollution. Therefore, buying natural cleaning products is crucial. To help you identify the right natural cleaning products for your home, the following are some useful tips.

Check the Ingredients

Before buying any cleaning product, start at the ingredient list. Every product must have a list of ingredients and if it doesn’t have, then stop right there. Transparency should be practiced, especially when looking for safe products today. While there may be some safe products in the stores without an ingredient list, you cannot tell whether the products are safe for use or not. Thus, having no ingredient list is a huge red flag, and the products should be avoided.

Know What to Watch Out for

It is also crucial to know the ingredients that you need to watch out for. Although there are so many toxins out there, it is good to know the most toxic ones. One of the most toxic ingredients is ammonia since it is toxic when swallowed, inhaled, or touched. It is very strong and is potentially deadly when mixed wrongly. Others ingredients to watch out for include, antibacterials and disinfectants, ethylene glycol, butyl glycol, monobutyl, chlorine bleach, petroleum solvents, phosphates among others. Be keen to avoid products containing these ingredients.

Outsmart Labeling Tricks

Just because a product label indicates “natural,” “Eco-friendly,” or “Non-Toxic,” doesn’t mean that it is. It is always advisable to verify these details, although it is a good starting point when looking for products. Therefore, go back to the list of ingredients and judge for yourself. If you are not sure, you can also check them up on EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning. This guide usually rates products according to their health safety.

Know Your Options

Today, there are very many environmentally friendly cleaning products that can be used for your home or office. You should do your homework and know them. You will save a lot of money and decrease the toxic matter in your home. They include baking soda, borax, castile soap, lemon juice, washing soda, vinegar, and many more. Make use of these products, and your home or office will be free from toxic matter.

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